Big Sean – No Favors ft. Eminem

Big Sean blew our minds on “No Favors,” Big Sean and Eminem reinforce that they didn’t need any help getting to the top of the rap game. Big Sean rap career; the Detroit emcee tagged it as a “concept album” about rebirth. While it isn’t the first time the Detroit natives have teamed up, it is the first time Em has featured on a Big Sean track.

Though he admitted the audio wasn’t perfect, Big Sean played his 45-minute album while rapping along. Tho Fans got a chance to listen to “No Favors,” featuring Eminem. Though the reclusive rapper wasn’t there, his high-energy vocals shook the room. One voice yelled out.

Big Sean’s I Decided, was just made available for purchase on iTunes. So of course, it’s only right we highlight it for y’all today.

Take a listen below…

DOWNLOAD Big Sean – No Favors Ft Eminem