112 – Dangerous Games

Check out 112’s new track “Dangerous.” Remember 112? The one-time R&B hitmakers who gave us timeless classics like “Dance With Me,” “Peaches and Cream” and their massive collaboration with the Notorious B.I.G and Mase, “Only You.”

It’s crazy to think that these guys have been in the game for so long and yet continue to put out material more than two decades after the release of their self-titled debut album. Today, they’re back in the game with a brand-new offering entitled “Dangerous Games.”

The song, with soulful vocals crooning over a melodic beat that recalls some of the group’s best work in the R&B field. The instrumental, providing the group’s normally straight-ahead sound with a more modern trap swing, accentuates the mood put forth in the lyrics.

As is typical for 112, the song details the ups and downs of love, specifically those couples who are in a committed relationship and are just living in the day-to-day grind of life for one another. Trust issues and how close those rifts can be to making such a relationship implode provides the crux of the track’s narrative.

It’s not necessarily groundbreaking stuff for a group who’s known for this kind of material, but for those who are searching for a smooth, slow antidote to the club-style trap anthems of today’s hit parade, this should do nicely.

“Dangerous Games” is off of 112’s upcoming studio album Q Mike Slim Daron. A solid release date has not yet been confirmed by the group nor their distributors, but the hope from fans is that it will surface before the end of the calendar year.

With nostalgia and throwback playlists reaching the apex of its popularity with the general public, the time couldn’t be better for a return to form for 112. I, for one, am among those who are excited for what they have coming up next.