Cardi B – Bodak Yellow Remix ft. Messiah

Cardi B delivers a translated version of her biggest hit yet. By now, everyone is probably familiar with the story of Cardi B. The former stripper eventually gained a fanbase through Love And Hip-Hop (though I’m sure she also had a solid fanbase at the club), before setting her sights a rap career.

After dropping a solid mixtape that failed to make any major waves, Cardi B kept her grind going and dropped “Bodak Yellow,” which ended up being the biggest song of the summer thus far.

As of now, “Bodak Yellow” currently sits at the 8th position of the Billboard charts, which sets a personal record for Card. And while the song has certain defied expectations, it helps that it’s a certified banger.

Evidently, “Bodak Yellow” can bang regardless of the language. Intent on honoring her father’s side of the family, Cardi lived up to her Domincan roots and delivered a bad-ass variation of her career-making single.

Spitting nearly entirely in Spanish, Cardi comes through with enough energy and rugged delivery to impress even those who don’t speak the language. I’m not exactly one who actively listens to non-English music, but I do stumble upon a gem from time to time. This is one of those times.

If you don’t care for Cardi or “Bodak Yellow,” you probably won’t care for this. If you, however, can’t get enough of Cardi, this remix gives the track enough of a second wind to merit at least one or two more spins. Plus, it comes with a dope verse by Messiah, who switches effortlessly between English and his mother tongue, Spanish.

Bloody moves indeed, and Cardi B has been teasing that her next big record is coming. Whether or not she’ll be able to capitalize on the success of “Bodak” is still uncertain, but for whatever it’s worth, I’m rooting for her.