Clean Bandit – Symphony ft. Zara Larsson

“Symphony” is a song by British dance trio Clean Bandit. It is the third single from their sophomore album after the success of “Tears” and their global hit “Rockabye” which topped the UK charts.

“Symphony” features vocals from Zara Larsson with whom the band are touring with in 2017. This is the first collaboration between the artists.

They were filming the music video for the song in London on the last week of February. Now in the lyrics Zara Larsson’s line “I’ve been hearing symphonies / Before all I heard was silence” explains how he/she constantly thought and heard only negative things or “symphonies” before their significant other came along and silenced those negative thoughts or he/she was in a happy relationship before what they had fell apart and now single he/she isn’t happy and everything around him/her is dull and silent.

Take a Listen Below…

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