Drake – Do Not Disturb

“Do Not Disturb” is the 22nd and final song on Drake’s More Life playlist. Drake uses this track to vent his anger and frustration, taking shots at XXXTENTACION and other new artists who make a mockery of his name. He takes shot at Tory Lanez and Meek again.

You overnight celebrity, you one day star / I told you I’m in this bitch for entirety / I am a reflection of all of your insecurities / Behind closed doors, a lot of 6 God worshipping / Done talk now, cause theres other shit that concerning me

This shot is aimed at Tory Lanez – birth name Daystar Peterson. The two have been trading thinly veiled jabs as Lanez tries to take Drake’s spot as the king of Toronto rap.

Lanez said that Drake’s nickname for Toronto, “the 6”, was not cool, Drake used Lanez’ flow to call out new Toronto rappers on “Summer Sixteen”, and Lanez made fun of Drake’s OVO owl logo on “Drive You Crazy”.

Drake has yet to mention Tory Lanez by name during this mini-beef, and this line helps explain why. He views Lanez as a trend hopper with no staying power, who secretly worships Drake but disses him because he is insecure about Drake being more successful than him.

I’ll be back in 2018 to give you the summary

Drake may be hinting he is going to give a few months break from music in 2017 and spend more time with his family and friends. But he also states that this break isn’t so long that he is going to be back in 2018 and continue doing his thing and inform his fans about his new lifestyle.

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