Drake – Passionfruit

“Passionfruit,” the third song off Drake’s More Life playlist, details his struggle to maintain a long-distance relationship. He and this woman have faced many troubles over time, but they still remain passionate about each other.

This entire song is about Drake’s long distance relationship with a certain woman, and his struggle with trust.

A common characteristic of Drake’s music, and him as a person, is his relationship with women, of which he’s named over 120 in his songs. This can be seen in songs such as “Hotline Bling”, “Right Hand”, and “Marvin’s Room”. The latter is similar in tone to this song, as it highlights his flimsy affair with trust in romance: he seeks a lasting and meaningful relationship, but can’t seem to overcome temptation of other women at times, nor can he seem to trust all women who date him.

It’s hard to keep trust and commitment in long distance relationships due to the low frequency of face to face interaction. As a result, this relationship is failing, and Drake advises that they end it right now before it hurts either of them any more.

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