IshDARR, K$ace & Take A Daytrip – Street Walker

HNHH Premieres a dope new collaboration from K$ace, IshDARR and producers Take a Daytrip, “Street Walker.”
It’s been a minute since we chopped it up with K$ace for an introductory interview back in February, and the New York fashionista (for lack of a better word?) has been putting in work on the music side of things, while still ensuring his Instagram stays lit.

IshDARR, we heard from more recently, as he released a new EP in April. Today, the two up and comers connect with contribution from producers Take a Daytrip for the new single “Street Walker.”

The baby-colored, animated single art meshes perfectly with the vibe of this equally cartoonish record. A flute jingle kicks off the bouncy record, and steers it, while K$ace backs up the production (and IshDARR) with high-pitched melodic ad-libs. The beat also heads in a darker direction to accommodate K$ace’s verse, before picking back up at the hook.

The two rappers actually connected by way of Take a Daytrip, as IshDARR tells us, “We both work with the producers Take a Daytrip, so we all just got in a session together, I told Sace to do the hook. We were having a wild convo and it just turned into this dope idea.” K$ace went on to elaborate on said “wild convo,” revealing its topic:

“Yeah, it was based on this convo we were having about the hustle of strippers and prostitutes and I don’t know,” $ace says, “I just found the term ‘street walker’ and was like, ‘yo! I’ma make this the hook.’ Ish came in and added to it and then killed his verse.”

Boom, then there was “Street Walker.” The song will hit iTunes and streaming services at Midnight, so be sure to support it there.

K$ace and IshDARR showed off their rolling skillzz (or lack thereof) when they visited our NYC office the other week, while also discussing this new premiere. Take a look below.