Jazz Cartier – Nobody’s Watching

Jazz Cartier and Mike WiLL Made It’s highly anticipated collaboration arrives. I’ve personally been anticipating this song since Jazz Cartier first told us about it– at SXSW in 2016.

Yup, it’s been a long time coming. When we interviewed the slurred-up-Jazz (he was drunk. Check out the short interview below, it’s worth a watch) at South By, the rapper told us at the time: “I got so much shit in the stash, I got a record with Mike WiLL coming out, I think I got two of them coming out…”

True to his word, although a bit late (by a year and half), the first of the two collaborative records debuts today. “Nobody’s Watching” was released as part of Redbull’s Sound Select series, following up RBSS’s pairing of Montell2029 and 21 Savage for “Hunnid on the Drop” (more on that collaboration here).

However, there’s more on the way as “Nobody’s Watching” is part of a joint release from Redbull Sound Select. The second track from the duo, “Make a Mess,” is due out on August 23rd (and it features the homie Ro Ransom, perhaps he’s returning the favor).

As for “Nobody’s Watching,” Jazz says of the song concept: “the inspiration for this song came about after talking to one of my homegirls, who said ‘you know, when I’m getting ready, I like to dance like nobody’s watching.'” It’s definitely the perfect song to soundtrack as you prepare for a night of turnt-up festivities, a slowly building record, it parallels the slow build up to a night debauchery (or, I guess, sometimes it’s a quick ascent).

Jazz may not have been drunk when he recorded this one (we don’t know!) but he definitely does some slurring with his words on the track. Mike WiLL cooks up a mean beat, integrating flutes, an accordion-like sound effect, and swerving bells, which all work in unison over thumping, hollow drums.

It’s an especially dope collaboration, and it’d be amazing to see these two explore their chemistry further with a full joint effort — Metro Boomin-joint-project-style. No matter, the next project Jazz is 100% releasing is his album, Fleurever, which he announced back in December before officially signing with Capitol Records.