Kiiara – Gold

The first time a person hears “Gold” by Kiiara on the radio, they likely might find it hard to turn away. That’s because “Gold” by Kiiara is unlike any other song ever made. The views on YouTube seem to prove many folks feel the same way. Already the below video, titled “Kiiara – Gold (Official Video),” has climbed to more than 46 million views since being uploaded to YouTube on March 21.

In the “Gold” video, Kiiara dons black and red pants and a studded black jacket. The video’s visuals skip and twist along with the “Gold” lyrics, which almost make it sound as if the “Gold” lyrics are being played backwards. But its really sounds like “Oy”. Couldn’t find it anywhere in the song. Best guess is that maybe it’s “your” from the 1st verse, played backwards, maybe with some time manipulation? Have my doubts on that, but either way it’s not super important, just enjoy the trill. “Roof is” “Oy” “Let me” “Love m’” “Oy” “What you s’” “Know.”

Watch video below and purchase her album Low Kii Savage on iTunes