Lady Gaga – John Wayne

Listen to Lady Gaga’s “John Wayne”, her new single off her debut album “Joanne”.

Lady Gaga’s “John Wayne” music video was released on Wednesday as an Apple Music exclusive, at which point I said to my many loyal Twitter followers (all of whom read this column), “videos released exclusively on Apple Music are not eligible for inclusion in Verge series ‘One Video with Kaitlyn and Lizzie.’”

The reasoning behind that decision is simple: some people don’t have Apple Music subscriptions, including Kaitlyn and Lizzie; this column is for everyone; and this column is written by Kaitlyn and Lizzie. Luckily, Lady Gaga later posted the video on Vevo and YouTube, so that we could all see it.

John Wayne was an actor-slash-director whose real name was Marion Mitchell Morrison. Why he didn’t want to keep his given name is beyond me, but that’s between him and his God. Wayne is best known for wearing a cowboy hat and receiving something called the Brass Balls Award by The Harvard Lampoon in 1973.

Another thing that’s special about “John Wayne” by Lady Gaga: the lyrical annotations available for perusal on Genius. Here’s an explanation that one user provided for the lyric “here I go / to the eye of the storm:”

The love storm symbolizes how Gaga’s and her cowboy’s relationship relies on danger to maintain its passion. In order to achieve love’s calming bliss, represented by the tranquil eye of the storm, she’s willing to commit to fast horse rides and wild partying.

For the record: I am not willing to commit to fast horse rides or wild partying. Please don’t ask.

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