Lana Del Rey – Love

Lana Del Rey is back with an emotional song titled “Love”. Other than a pair of appearances on The Weeknd’s Starboy album, it was a quiet 2016 for Lana Del Rey. 2017 will likely be a year of consequence for the New York pop star; over the weekend she releases “Love,” the first single from her upcoming fifth studio album.

“Love” sees Del Rey reflecting on the concept of youth through the experiences and feelings of her fans. She even lovingly refers to them as “kids” and muses on how the youth of our generation (and even herself) still maintain a sense of wonder and empowerment in the face of adversity, due in part to the romanticized idea of love and affection driving them forward.

Del Rey’s last release was 2015’s Honeymoon. “Love” is nostalgic for a lost youthful idealism.

Spin the song below… 

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