Lil Peep – Save That Shit

Lil Peep goes deep in his feelings on “Save That Shit.” Lil Peep’s Come Over When You’re Sober recently dropped, and the divisive New York rapper’s debut project is already garnering mixed reviews.

While some appreciate the throwback influences to the mid-two thousands emo wave, where bands like Panic! At The Disco & My Chemical Romance reigned supreme in certain mascara inclined social sects, others feel the rampant sharing of one’s “feelings” has no such place in hip-hop.

Others simply dislike Peep’s image, with his seeming aversion to shirts, facial piercings, and bleach blonde hair. Regardless of where you stand, you can’t deny that Peep is approaching the rap game with a unique spectrum of influences that hasn’t been seen in, well, ever?

In the album write-up, I opened with a question worthy of revisiting. Is Lil Peep’s music hip-hop, or simply an evolved take on emo? While the lyrical themes and vocal cadence tend to operate within the realm of the latter, Lil Peep’s moniker and preferred production aesthetic reveal a clear appreciation for hip-hop.

The percussion is heavily inspired by trap producers like Metro Boomin’ & Zaytoven, but vocally, Peep never shies from his emo roots. The album’s second track “Save That Shit” opens with a beat that wouldn’t necessarily sound out of place on a more traditional “hip-hop” album, with melancholic guitar work and frenetic percussion.

Peep comes through with a sung melody directed at a woman, and he navigates the instrumental sounding like a drug-fueled zombie. It wouldn’t be surprised if he recorded this under the influence, as Peep has made no secret of his drug use.

Yet there are strong moments on this track, like when the aforementioned guitar comes in and adds an emotional layer of extra harmony. Despite the deceptive “Lil,” Peep is a fry cry from the traditional batch of “Soundcloud” emcees.

Instead, he’s the product of a generation of emo-kids, who like so many before him, gravitated into hip-hop fandom. Check this one out, if you’re looking for something different.