Lil Yachty – The Race Freestyle

Lil Yachty puts his spin on Tay-K’s viral hit “The Race.” Lil Yachty is one of the hardest working young artists on the market right now.

Along with dropping his debut album this year, he has also been dropping some dope guest verses on other people’s tracks, gaining some plaques here and there and has overall been taking his career to another height.

Today, Lil Yachty drops a freestyle over 17-year-old Tay-K’s “The Race” where he starts the track off asking for the release of the incarcerated rapper.

Yachty opens up his freestyle with “It’s Young Boat, put a n*gga in his place/Rich as fuck, out the window, Free Tay-K.” While he is definitely appreciating his mainstream success right now, Yachty still definitely has his ears to what’s going on and it’s nice that he’s also using his platform to show love to TayK-47 while he’s locked up.

Yachty is not the first to touch the track but he definitely did the beat justice. Lil Yachty’s take on the song is interesting considering the production actually sounds like something that Yachty could’ve used on one of his earlier mixtapes.

Yachty is among a slew of other rappers, such as XXXTentacion, Lil Bibby, Trill Sammy and more who have also freestyled over this beat after Tay-K got locked up.

While the song itself has gained buzz all over the internet, it’s unfortunate that he hasn’t been able to witness the success the song has been receiving as well as the success of his mixtape, Santana World.

Tay-K has been imprisoned since late June after allegedly cutting off his ankle-monitor and fleeing from his home in Texas to New Jersey. While in New Jersey, he was later caught by the police and sent to prison.

Tay-K had shown some raw talent and charisma on his mixtape. Unfortunately, it may be the last body of work we’ll hear from him in a long time.