Miley Cyrus – Younger Now

Miley Cyrus Surprises With New Single ‘Younger Now’ Ahead Of Her Upcoming Album. Without warning early on Friday morning, global superstar Miley Cyrus gifted the world with the second sample of what it’s like when she puts down the synths and the production software and allows real instruments to do the heavy lifting.

The just-released “Younger Now” serves as the second single from her upcoming sixth album of the same name, which is expected on September 29. The full-length follows 2013’s Bangerz, which saw her go in a number of different poppy directions, many of which were commercially successful, and 2015’s Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz, which failed to chart entirely, but which was probably more of a passion project for her than a serious attempt at glory.

The wistful cut begins with the calming sound of rain and frogs in the distance before a deep guitar cuts through the woodsy nighttime setting Cyrus is establishing begins plucking away. Those initial auditory cues signal that this latest release follows in the same musical direction as her last single, and that she has committed to a more folksy, acoustic direction. It doesn’t take long before the percussion kicks it up a notch and allows the listener to sway along. Love or hate the fact that Miley seems to have ditched all things electronic for this era of her career, the beat is undeniably catchy, and it even seems to upstage the singer and her on-point vocals.

Cyrus uploaded “Younger” to digital storefronts, streaming platforms and YouTube all at the same time, giving her fans something to listen to and watch at the same time. The official music video, co-directed by Diane Martel and Cyrus herself, sees the singer paying tribute to Elvis in a number of ways, including his enviable and memorable style, which she manages to make entirely her own.

“Younger Now” was written by Cyrus herself and co-produced alongside Oren Yoel, a frequent and favorite collaborator of hers. The two have previously worked together on a number of projects, and he seems to be the driving force behind this new style that the former Disney celeb has chosen to lead with.

This latest single follows in the successful footsteps of “Malibu,” the first single spun off of Younger Now, which at the time hadn’t been announced. That beachy, indie rock-style tune initially started off fairly low on the Hot 100, only to rise to the top 10 the following week. It only managed to hold on inside the uppermost region for one frame, but ever since then it has been rising and falling on the all-encompassing chart, solidifying it as something of a hit for the woman who is no stranger to owning the Billboard charts.