Ramriddlz – Pop Rocks

Ramriddlz delivers “Sweeter Dreams” as one of two new tracks. You never know nowadays where one song can you take– it could make you an overnight star, and jumpstart a fanbase, but you can equally, and easily, fall back into obscurity just as quickly after the song passes.

It’s not always clear when a new viral hit or, by extension, viral star comes around, if he’ll be able to push pass this fade away and maintain longevity (and longevity, in this context, is also unclear– we won’t know it’s a long-lasting career until it’s long-lasting, and even with the sped-up nature of internet time, we’re not able to speak on this yet for most internet-grown artists).

Basically, what I’m getting to, is that a dude like Ramriddlz seemed poised to be the next viral sensation when “Sweeterman” first dropped, Drake co-signed, etc, he had all the trappings in effect.

For whatever reason though, possibly even a conscious or calculated decision on Ramriddlz’s part, he didn’t become the latest bandwagon-internet-rapper, but rather fell back a bit and continued to slowly but surely build a fanbase– which will likely work out better for him in the longrun.

All that being said, the Toronto native is back today with his typically tropical vibes– if pastel colours were a sound, it would sound like Ramriddlz. The rapper recently revealed his debut album title and release date (Sweeter Dreams due out August 17th), as well as the title track, so “Pop Rocks” is in addition to all that good stuff, and keeps the momentum going with Ram’s album roll out.

“Pop Rocks” contains the light, airy production that is custom of frequent collaborator Jaegen. Does it get you amped for Sweeter Dreams?

In a short Q&A, Ramriddlz reveals that he’s been restricted from travelling in the U.S., which has put a damper on his Sweeter Dreams plans, but nonetheless he sounds motivated to touch down on American soil soon enough, visiting other parts of the world in the meantime.