Rich Chigga – Glow Like Dat

Rich Chigga impresses on the emotionally honest “Glow Like Dat.” When Indonesian emcee Rich Chigga’s “Dat Stick” dropped, it quickly gained notoriety through a hilarious video that found rappers like Tory Lanez, Ghostface Killah, & Cam’Ronexperiencing the video in real time.

Generally, the rappers responded positively, clearly blown away by Chigga’s unique swagger and delivery. Ghostface was so impressed he took the time to bless an official “Dat Stick Remix.”

From that point on, Chigga began to immerse himself in the Western hip-hop scene, experiencing Rolling Loud for the first time, ranking Drake’s solo albums, and landing on a track with XXXTENTACION, RonnyJ, & Keith Ape.

Now, Rich Chigga has dropped a new track and accompanying video called “Glow Like Dat.” While “Dat Stick” seemed to encapsulate a feeling of untouchable braggadocio, “Glow Like Dat” focuses on a softer, more romantic side of Chigga.

He’s no longer brazenly threatening to pull “dat stick” from out his fanny pack, but rather choosing to lie in a field of flowers and reflect on a relationship gone wrong.

The video’s opening shot finds Chigga atop a kaleidoscopic arrangement of flowers and visa cards, channeling a stogie puffing John Lennon. The instrumental pops off with a swirling, delay-laden guitar arpeggio, which instantly sets a bit of a wistful mood.

The moment the drums kick in, however, sends the track comfortably into hip-hop territory. Chigga name drops Mac DeMarco, channeling the Canadian singer by pairing heartbreak with cigarettes. If anything, that combination sort of acts as a metaphorical encapsulation of “Glow Like Dat” as a whole.

The track is a good look for Chigga, who expands his versatility on this sentimental cut. Still, he never once betrays his signature style, and his singsong baritone voice seems comfortable relaying what seems like real life experience.

And while this track may not be everybody’s cup of tea, the latest audio-visual offering from Rich Chigga showcases an artist in the process of growing from a one-hit-gimmick into something with an unexpected level of depth.