Soule – 7th Seed ft. Rockie Fresh

Check out the new track from Soule and Rockie Fresh titled “7th Soul.” Soule, an up-and coming emcee from Chicago who’s been making some gains on the local level, has released a new track with a Rockie Fresh feature called “7th Soul.”

While not a household name yet in hip-hop circles, this track has all the tools it needs to become a breakthrough for a voice that seems poised to be heard a lot in the months and years to come. Featuring a really fun wobbling bassline against a synth-induced trap beat, the whole package of the song really feels like it’s coming from a rapper who knows he still has steps to take on the path to widespread success, but is confident in his abilities to get there.

The opening line, “I invest in my vision,” is testament to that ground disposition. In general, the lyrics can get buried by the music a little bit at times, but the flow remains sharp and doesn’t run out of gas halfway through the track – a problem that is becoming more and more common with young emcees on the come-up.

Windy City alum Rockie Fresh is along for the ride and, at age 26, is oddly enough the one who’s providing the veteran stability and leadership on the song. On “7th Soul,” he resists the urge to fade into the background behind the instrumental and instead almost stands his ground, letting the sonic waves crash around him instead of over top of his delivery.

This song is the first official single from Soule’s upcoming project The Care Package, which is slated for release on October 3rd. Having already earned some spins on the Shade 45 channel over at Sirius XM radio, both Soule and this track seem poised to reach a far bigger audience than he’s used to. Definitely a new voice to keep an eye out for.