Training Season – BossMann

Training Season drops new single,”BossMann.” In case you missed it, Training Season first made an entrance onto the scene with the dark, lyrical “Margarine,” featuring one of the most underrated in the game – Mick Jenkins.

Next, they earned a spot on our “Artists You Should Hear” feature, selected in-house at our office A&R meeting. Suffice it to say, Training Season have proven themselves to be an innovate new group to watch for, with a solid offering of dense lyricism and eerie vibes.

Now, the Ottawa crew made up of GP, King Caexar, Queenn & Baze Johnson has come through with their latest single, “BossMaan.” Right off the bat, the whole sonic aesthetic is feverish, yet inexplicably whimsical. Perhaps it’s the way the vocals are layered, which give certain parts a playful, yet menacing air.

The entire crew makes sure to come through with the dopeness, bringing enough geek-friendly pop culture references to please some of the more savvy film-and-video-game-heads out there.

If you’re feeling this, check out the aforementioned “Margarine,” which goes hard as hell. “BossMan” is set to be included on King Caexar’s upcoming project The Caexar Saga, which as of now is simply “coming soon.” In the mean time, get acquainted with an up-and-coming new group who seem intent on carving out their own unique lane.