XXXTENTACION drops a straight up ballad. XXXTENTACION may very well be the most musically diverse young artist in the game right now. One minute, he might be screaming into a mosh-friendly, lo-fi beat. The next, he might be leaning over an acoustic guitar with tears streaming down his face.

With such a diverse range of musical influence, it’s never easy to pinpoint what kind of musical direction X may be heading down. Today, X has come through with yet another experimental, self-produced cut called “In The End.”

The track begins with a melancholic piano chord progression, not unlike the Cruel Intentions staple “Colorblind” by Counting Crows. While it’s not clear if X is the one actually manning the keys, it can be assumed he had some hand in arranging them.

Over the morose instrumental, X waxes poetic about his loneliness, burying his vocals in reverb and vocal effects. His vocals become clear by the halfway point, when X begins rallying himself to be strong in the face of depression.

It’s a big departure from the man who previously gave us lyrical gems like “I gave her dick, she got mad, aye, she put her tongue on my dick, aye.” Still, it’s cool to see that X isn’t afraid to experiment with genres and branch out with some unconventional tracks.

Honestly, if he can piece together a solid stylistic hybrid on his upcoming 17, the project may very well be a pleasant surprise for the Florida rapper. Still, the track remains almost unnaturally brief, cutting short before it can really kick in.

It’s not clear if this is the whole thing, or if it’s simply a preview. Either way, check out the ballad now, and sound off below.