Young M.A – OOOUUU

Young M.A has come up with a quite HUNGRY song this year. I deliberately mentioned the word “hungry”, because when I first listened to this song, it literally made my stomach empty and hungry after seeing Young M.A eating and drinking a lot of tasty stuff in a quite blissful mood.

On Young M.A’s official YouTube channel, this song got a lot of REAL POSITIVE responses from the public and that’s why I’m here to review the song because it’s getting really famous.

Moving towards the lyrics dimension, that “OOOUUU” literally aid the song with a nice bump and it feels really soothing when it comes with the nice Jazz melody. The slow melody bests suits with the humorous type of lyrics.

Well, personally I do like the song. The best part of the song was when Young M.A puts that paper ball in the basket. And the other thing that I liked was when I watched the views, likes, and dislikes of the song. Overall, as mentioned before, I literally liked the song and specifically, I liked the lyrics with that nice “OOOUUU”.

Take A Listen Below…