Yung Bans – Motherless Child ft. D Savage

Yung Bans joins up with D Savage and others on the new track “Motherless Child.” Up-and-coming rapper Yung Bans has teamed up with D Savage, as well as GrowBoiTrap, for his latest single “Motherless Child.”

Produced by Sega and Jay Splash, the song features a heavy, bass-focused instrumental that provides a bleak backbone for lyrics about how it is coming from the streets.

You play around with members of the wrong crowd and, as Yung Bans and his crew articulate, there’s a good chance you’re going to end up dead.

Yung Bans was previously seen on our site in his video for the track “Right Through You,” which you can stream here. “Motherless Child” provides some raw, harrowing imagery conjured up by Bans’ precise wording of his rhymes.